Monday, May 25, 2015

Beauty In All She Is

Here is another fashion look I did after I dyed my hair purple, and another makeup I did with the Covergirl by Lashblash - Super Sizer mascara and Intensify Me! eyeliner, as well as the SpookyEyes contacts - so it really was "three birds with one stone." haha I really loved this look! :)

Though it was difficult to photograph the clothes because of the glare - woo! So here's a photo that shows the outfit a bit better. haha

Then some more random shots. :)

I had a lot of fun with the makeup! I used my new SpookyEyes - Hulk Eyes contacts. You know I'm all about any pops of green with purple! haha Predictable. :)

I took to Pinterest for some makeup inspiration and had fun doing something a bit "more". :) I really loved how the makeup turned out! Only bummer was that (as you know) I really wasn't a fan of the Intensify Me! eyeliner, and all I can see is how messy the liner is. haha But ignoring that aspect, I loved the look. The long winged liner and angled eyeshadow underneath made it fun and bold but was still simple enough to be great for everyday wear! :)

Afterwards I went and took pictures with my love! The only thing better than a great style day to make you feel pretty is the love of a very attractive, wonderful man. haha ^_^

Saturday, May 23, 2015

SpookyEyes // Hulk Eyes Contacts

I have a fun post to share today! If you've seen my recent beauty posts, you may have seen a spoiler of this, but I'm excited to share the review for the SpookyEyes - Hulk Eyes contacts! 

This is my third pair of SpookyEyes contacts (I also have White Out and Natural Violet!) and I love these just as much! 

The Hulk Eyes contacts are a fun, deep green colored non-prescription contacts. They are 14.5mm which are a bit larger - which depending on the look you're going for, can be good or iffy. They seem a bit large for day-to-day way, although of course that didn't stop me! haha The larger size would make for a great costume contact. The size makes them really bold and stand out wonderfully! Of course sizing may also vary from eye to eye - I really don't know on that matter. 

I have dark brown eyes which I think went nicely with the contacts to give it a bit of a hazel appearance, or enlarged pupil appearance depending on lighting. 

Look how big, bold, and fun they are!

Here are a couple of other looks I did with them:

As you can see, they work wonderfully from all ranges from natural looks to dolled up to costume looks! It goes with anything and is definitely a show-stopper and eye-catcher! 

They go in well for me. I still have some difficulties with contacts as I am not a daily contact wearer, but I'm progressing more and more. I am to the point where I've almost learned to get them in the first time with minimal irritation. haha Though that is a personal thing, learning to use them. The contacts themselves are very comfortable and once I get them in, I can't feel them. I often forget I have them in and have to remind myself to take them out before bed. haha

SpookyEyes has a wonderful range of contacts! They have natural looking contacts, bold contacts, even contacts with fun designs on them! They are definitely worth a look!

Disclaimer: I was sent these contacts in exchange for review from SpookyEyes through etailPR, but all opinions are my own honest views!
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