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The Nail Files // It Got Away From Me, Yeah...

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Finally! Back with The Nail Files. It has been so long. This year has been so overwhelming and flying by way too fast, I can't get anything done. I feel like all year I've worked worked worked and not accomplished anything. :p But at least some aspects are finally easing back into place - luckily the blog being one of them! (Although the extreme amount of posts I have to read of other blogs that I've gotten behind on may be the death of me. lol But that's coming along, slowly but surely.)

For now, though, I'll just enjoy my tiny victory and savor the return to The Nail Files! Especially now that I'm working for Jamberry, I anticipate having plenty to contribute!

Today I posted reviews of these two polishes from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's Dr. Who inspired collection - It Got Away From Me, Yeah...

 This first one is You Just Want to Mate?! inspired by the character Donna Noble.

I had expected more from this one. The sparkle wasn't as noticeable and I couldn't even see the gold glitter. I was a bit sad because red polish with gold sparkles is my weakness. The texture was thick and thus a bit goopy. I think I need to invest in a thinner. (Any suggestions welcome!) 

However, it's a flattering red, and has incredible dry time. So I'll definitely be using it for pedis a lot!

The second one is Is That a Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery? and is inspired by Rose Tyler. It has a pink jelly base and is packed with holo glitters - shimmer, circles, hexes, even stars and butterflies!

I was really impressed with this one. Applied well, lays smooth, dries fast, and is gorgeous! After several days to a week, the stars and butterflies start to lift, so having a good top coat is good to have.

I really like this one and can't wait to layer it over all sorts of colors. :)

What mani/pedis have you had lately? Come link up with us!

Have a fab day!
- Toria

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Is That a Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery?

Here is the second polish I received to review for Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, for her Dr.Who inspired collection It Got Away From Me, Yeah... This one is Is That a Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery? - a fun glitter topper based on the character Rose Tyler!

Hot pink jelly base with pink shimmer, and full of different shaped glitters: silver metallic and silver holo hexes; light pink, bright pink, and pink holo hexes; pink holo butterflies; fuchsia dots in small and medium; and light purple holo stars. 

Is That a Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery? is a re-release of the polish that debuted in 2013 but has a slightly different base color. 

When I saw the bottle, I thought it was going to be a bit more purple toned. (I hadn't read the description of it yet). I do prefer purple - it's my favorite color - but I think pink works best with it!

I wanted to show how the glitter topper looked on its own - without any other color interference - so all swatches in this post are 3 coats on its own. I'll have a post up tomorrow with it layered, so you can check back for that! :)

This topper is so gorgeous. And because of the stars and butterflies, easily makes it the most fun topper I have! They are a bit more rare, but I like the more subtlety of it. A bit more might be nice, but it's not over-done, so that's good. :)

Is That a Technical Term, Jiggery Pokery? applies really well. It has just enough glitter that you can do one coat or layer it for a more glitter bomb effect. It lays down really smooth even without top coat; however, after several days to a week, the stars and butterflies start to lift up, so a good top coat is helpful. Also it dries a bit matte, so a top coat is also good for lots of shine! 

But it does dry super fast also - clearly Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer has a good formula on her hands! So so impressed! 

And here's a little video showing it off! The holo effect is definitely better captured in video than photos. :)


I can't wait to try this out with all sorts of color combos! Be expecting to see this baby on here a lot!

What is the funnest glitter topper you've had?
Let me know!

Have a fantastic day! And don't forget to check back tomorrow to see these two polishes paired!

- Toria

** Disclaimer: I received this polish free for review. However, all opinions are completely and totally my own. :)
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