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Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lately | Sister Visit!

I'm way behind on this, so we're using the term "lately" loosely, but back in June my baby sissy Emily came to visit! I rarely get to see her since they moved halfway cross country, and travel just isn't affordable. But her dad came to town for stuff and brought Emily for an early birthday present. :)

I have a few Sister Style posts to do now, but here are a few "just because" peeks at our visit!

[ impatiently waiting on her arrival ]

[ finally reunited!! ]

Poor baby didn't like the sun in her eyes, but isn't she the cutest? haha

  haha I don't draw as well without pencils. But my sissy is just like a mini me - it was her idea to draw. :)

"Pumpkin bun" she called it. haha

Me and Emily at church. I was so happy to show her off and meet everyone and show off my gorgeous little baby. haha

She had a lot of fun at children's church playing the games, and really took to the teacher.

And then saying goodbye :(

I miss her lotssss! I adore and love my sister. I hate never getting to see or talk to her, but hopefully she'll be back for another visit soon enough!

Do you live near family? Do you see them often?
Let me know!

Have a fabulous day!
- Toria

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scotch - Black High Heel Tape Dispensers

Hey hey! Just a quick post. I'm sooooo excited to finally have this Scotch black high heel tape dispenser! It's been on my Wish List for like a year or two. I've wanted it for so long! And with my new job, I felt I finally deserved to have it and had an excuse I could justify to get it. haha 

It was only like $9, but with super tight finances, I could never get myself to splurge for it. I'm so excited that now I have it. 

Gah, I'm the worst sort of girly girl but I really am over the moon. haha! Now I want it in ever design! haha

What silly things do you get excited for?
Let me know!

- Toria
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