Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Anjolee + Date Night Beauty Inspiration!

I am really behind on this post but I'm so excited to share it! I really wanted to make this post extra special. :) The weather has been atrocious - ice, snow, rain, etc - but I was finally able to get out and get photos! 

Today I'm sharing this gorgeous ring from Anjolee along with some date night beauty inspiration!
The ring is the Princess Cut 5 Stone Anniversary Ring

The ring was a bit difficult to photograph because it is so shiny. It really is stunning! I took a video to show off the shine --


I love looking down and just staring at it! What can I say? I'm a girl, I love shiny things. haha

My nails are unfortunately extremely short but I decided to do a french tip to elongate them a bit, plus french tips are always elegant. I thought the red would make it extra special and romantic, and the glitter accents the shine of the ring so well! I really felt they complimented each other well; my boyfriend thought so too. :)

For my hair, I attempted to do big loose curls. I guess with all the dyes I've been putting in my hair, it did not want to stay. Oops. So I ended up going back in and pinning back the sides and adding a black netting veil - which I preferred anyways! It really made the look all the more special and romantic. My father even asked if I was going to a wedding. haha

I have been slightly obsessed with practicing pin-up makeup lately and knew this look was the perfect excuse to do it again. It's such a classic look. (Although the red lips can be a bit of a downer when it comes to the smooching parts of the date night! haha Ah, the things we sacrifice for beauty, amiright? haha)

I thought this dress was perfect for a romantic look. I know I've shared it on here before, but I think this is my favorite look I've ever done with it! I wasn't sure how my orange hair would look with it but I don't think it clashes. I think it makes the look even more fiery.

I feel like the netting veil really pulls the whole look together. What do you think?

I really loved this look! I went out afterwards to my first magic show (to see the illusionist Reza); it was a lot of fun, very impressive! Then of course just spending time with my love. :) He disapproved of having to wait to kiss me, but he approved of the look! haha

I love the ring. It came so well packaged, so from the moment it arrived I've been impressed. The box is so lovely - it is very shiny, smooth, and the brand name Anjolee is on the inside in shiny silver writing. It's a little bulky but I rather prefer that - I feel that it is very sturdy and will keep the ring safe. The box just has this elegance about it. Usually I wouldn't give two cents what jewelry arrived in, but it is so lovely that I can't help but appreciate the special touch and quality!

The ring is gorgeous, shiny, and romantic! I would highly recommend Anjolee. Great quality, and the jewelry is customizable so you have options to fit your budget or preference!

They have many different styles to choose from - bridal rings, stud earrings, vintage bracelets, and much more!

You can also find them on Facebook and Youtube if you'd like to check out their gorgeous jewelry or learn more about the brand!  :)

I am so thrilled to have been able to collaborate with such a great brand and I hope you like the look!

Have a fantastic day!!

** Disclaimer - I was sent the ring for free in exchange for a post, but all opinions are my own, honest views!


I've been in the process of lightening my hair, and lately it has been a beautiful light red that I just adore. (I always say I wish I'd been born a natural redhead. haha) I felt extra pretty with the red hair and decided to get dolled up a bit before I went out with my guy. :) This was the result! I really liked it. Probably could have blended up more, but oh well. I love all the colors of the look - the red hair against all the blacks looks adorable, I love it. haha

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