Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Goddess Divine

I am in love with this look and the photos. These were taken about a month and a half ago and I have been waiting impatiently to share them! I'm not sure that there's really anything special or spectacular, but something about it all I just adore. 

I feel I should say the title is not in reference to my vanity. haha Everyone always says I look like a goddess in these dresses, and then the line from Pride and Prejudice at the end popped into my head. haha 

Also - goddess-like or not, this dress is spectacular. haha I've shared the grey version, but I am in love with this bright coral one! Even prettier in person!

I'm sorry but I'm more than a little in love with the lighting in those photos. haha Maybe not ideal for a fashion post but had to share anyways! :)

The makeup I did is pretty much my go-to makeup. I'm actually getting extremely bored with neutrals. haha But at the same time, I love the soft look. And they do go well with bolder lips. I guess I've just done it too much lately. haha I do rather like the more gold tone of this one. Soft and simple. :)

I know I may not have the trendiest style ever (although maxis are undeniably in) I love my style and being feminine and girly. Also, I look smashing in pink! haha I think my best colors are purple, pink, and brown. At least I've come to notice I always feel looking back on photos, those are the colors I'm wearing in ones that really stand out to me.

Even though it may not be stellar, pinnable, fashion, I love it and feel so pretty! haha And I've always been one to dance to the beat of my own drum anyways. haha

Anyways, have a fantastic day!

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Nail Files // Winterize

Beauty Frenzy Friday photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

I have a great post today with Julep to cover winter nail care plus a winter nail art!

The nail care part is a bit wordy but at the end is some pretty nail art so worth it. :)

Winter Nail Care

I have to be honest, I am having a hell of a time with my nails. I'm sure I've mentioned it before - mostly because I am becoming increasingly depressed by it - but my nails have turned to crap since I began blogging. What once were gloriously long albeit unkempt nails are now beautifully done yet teeny short nails. It's as if having beautifully-done long nails are just too much goodness for one hand to handle! haha

I will say my cuticles seem to be improving finally! Although as you can see in the photo I do still have some issues right up against the nails. But they are far smoother, less raggedy than ever! I was pretty excited to notice this and it almost - almost - made up for the fact that yet again my nails have broken to baby bits.

Definitely not as good as they could be but an improvement is an improvement. And of course, I'm always all ears on any advice! So I'll share my current nail care and you can let me know what to keep, change, do away with, etc! :)

1. Remove polish with NON-acetone nail polish remover. 
2. Smooth edges, reshape, and/or file nails.
3. Push back cuticles with a RUBBER cuticle pusher.
4. I usually use this electric tool to smooth all the cracks on top of the nail. I used a buffer block this time and while it really mattified my nails, it did nothing for the cracks. I was a little bummed because it seemed like it would be less harsh on my nails than something that whizzes. haha
5. Wipe down with alcohol to clean off and remove oils.
6. Pretty them suckers up. haha

Usually I would do cuticle oil afterwards so my nails wouldn't be too oily. This time I prepped my nails (doing cuticle oil at #5) then did nails the next day. Which may not be for most people, but I think I may do that from now on. It gave me time to focus cuticle oil on my bare nails, and also I always have an issue with cuticles being too like bouncy or something when I first push them back. Waiting a day, they were pushed back but more settled. Am I the only one with that issue?! haha 

So, on top of my pre-polish care, I have been using cuticle oil and hand cream/lotions religiously throughout the day. Maybe not quite so extreme but quite a lot. I think that has been a big thing that has helped at least my cuticles improve. It seems that they are becoming more hydrated and smooth. Now if only I can get those annoying bits on the edge of my nails and I'll be a happy camper.


I have heard great things about Julep's Vanish! Wish I could afford it to try it out as everyone seems quite obsessed. I do wonder if my having to use cheap products is part of the problem. Or if maybe it's the polishes? I just find it so odd that ever since I've used cuticle oils, base/top coats, etc, began doing proper nail care, that my nails break so much. I mean....look at those sad little stubs! 

So while it has been improving, I could still use advice! Let me know what you think! :)

Winter Nail Art

The colors Julep picked out for winter are so spot on; I love them! You can find them and so many other spectacular colors on their site!

I really love blues during winter but all of them really spoke to me. I decided to do a winter nail art inspired by these colors. I looked through my Julep stash and found shades that were similar since I don't have any of these exact ones. I settled on Char and Alaina. Char is a lovely deep blue reminiscent of Ilsa (it actually is much darker than it appears in water marble) and Alaina seemed almost like a lovely blend of Joanne and Shari.

I originally wanted to do a water spotting but that was not working so I settled for a water marble (which I am slowly getting the hang of! haha). I picked out a sadly non-Julep white -- any advice on good, non-streaky white polishes?! -- and did a water marble. I love how it looks! But I really wanted to spruce it up so I topped it off with a glitter topper and voila! My winter wonderland masterpiece!

I got a great tip from someone to use a chapstick on the cuticles instead of tape or glue and man did that work well! It did make the hands sort of slimy but I figure I'm not doing anything with them while the nails dry anyways. The excess gunk came off so easily! Anything that makes clean up easier and requires less nail polish remover is A+ in my book! haha

Woowee that was a much longer post than I was expecting it to be. haha So sorry!

If you bothered to read it all, you deserve a cookie! Or two! haha Seriously though, any advice you have would be fantastic! 

Though despite being sad about broken nails, it was great to see improvements. Somewhat smoother cuticles, ability to do a water marble without cussing and giving up...etc etc haha! Ah, the little victories! haha

Anyways, I'd love to hear how you winterize your nails so I can steal your suggestions and what your favorite winter colors are! :)

Have a fantastic, wonderful day!

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