Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crest Be - Flavored Toothpastes

Hey hey! Today's post is a sort of fun one - flavored toothpastes! When I received the opportunity to try these from BzzAgent, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided why not? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to try something different? 

These toothpastes are from the Crest Be line, and includes three fun flavors - Vanilla Mint, Lime Spearmint, and Mint Chocolate.

One of the great things about these toothpastes is the design. Who wouldn't love waking up to this colorful blast? It's definitely eye catching - in the best way!

Now for each toothpaste!

Vanilla Mint Spark

Arouse your senses where the serenity of vanilla meets the exhilaration of cool peppermint.

Vanilla Mint was a pleasant one - most reminiscent of regular toothpastes. It has very subtle flavor. I liked it.

Mint Chocolate Trek

Explore outside your boundaries with a touch of smooth chocolate infused with refreshing mint.

Chocolate? Toothpaste? Yepp.
This was the one I was most wary of. And sadly, I still have to say, for me, chocolate and toothpaste doesn't mix. I had to brush my teeth right after to get the taste out. However, I think it could be a good option for getting kiddos to brush. :)

Lime Spearmint Zest

Energize your morning with a bold burst of lime topped off with bright spearmint.

Maybe I'm boring, but this is my favorite! It's pretty, tastes great, and really gives a wonderful burst of energy. I love using it in the mornings for a nice awakening. I will definitely be buying a full tube of this one!

What flavor sounds most appealing to you? Is there a flavor not listed that you'd love to see made?
Let me know!

Have a fabulous day!
- Toria

* Disclaimer - These samples were provided by BzzAgent for review, but all opinions are my own honest views.


"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
- Ephesians 2:10

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guest Post | The Influence of Fashion on People

Hey hey! Today I have a guest post from James Lopez! Give it a read. It's good to think about the ways that fashion influences us, and always to remember that it doesn't define us! You are beautiful no matter what, and always be yourself!! :)

The Influence of Fashion on People

Fashion is an integral part of our lives. We want to look smarter and want more people to look at us. We feel an increasing pressure to make ourselves look more beautiful today. The influence of visual media and advertisements is very much pervasive on fashion. Fashion, in turn, influences our lives. We know that none is perfect. The idea of beauty we are considered with is different for different people. The perception of beauty is very much individualistic. The impact of fashion on people can be guessed by the number of cosmetic surgeries that take place every day all over the world. 

Fashion influences people in both good and bad ways. It makes people feel good about them. It makes them feel good about the clothes they wear, about their size and shape. It also makes people follow some tips in order to look like celebrities. Sometimes people think out-of-the-box in their frenzy of looking more beautiful. It has to invade our lives in moderate measures. Too much of anything is bad.

Fashion moves in a cyclical pattern. What seems outdated today will become a major trend after a few years and what is the trend today will become outdated in sometime. Fashion makes the old look new. When certain clothing is presented on the runway it catches everyone’s attention. People will think what is contemporary and what is old after seeing some exhibits. 

Fashion establishes trends. A ramp show can get people thinking about owning a new outfit which was the centre of attraction in the show. When a large number of people think along these lines and own such clothing a trend gets set. Then the media gives it the required publicity. A trend will be in vogue for some time. Depending on the number of people who go for it, the trend will remain in limelight. That is otherwise called the popularity of any trend.

Fashion influences society when it addresses the clothing needs of the public. Fashion designers should keep the requirements of the general population in mind. Clothes that are very comfortable and easy-to-wash are likely to win the hearts of most people. Especially working women prefer to wear clothes which are both comfortable and easy to manage. That is exactly why form fitting jackets and leggings became a popular trend among women. 

Fashion is capable of changing the industry and lifestyle of most people. As new looks become popular designers change their ideas in the industry and start making the new outfits in huge numbers. Environment-friendly fabrics, organic cotton, corn fiber, and bamboo are to be incorporated in the main stream fashion design. The textile industry involves a large scale preparation of garments. It will create job prospects for many people. Thus fashion can attract people to follow the popular trends. It can also help several poor, unemployed people of the current generation. 

As soon as a collection of outfits hits the runway, reporters, photographers and bloggers share them with readers and viewers. Through the images posted on various websites, blogs and across the visual media the consumers get to know about the newly released clothes. Today the increasing presence of social media impacts fashion industry even more than olden days. Different cultures and social settings have different views about fashion. There are some culture-bound fashion which are intrinsic to a culture or community. Ancient civilizations, rituals, western influences, family status, various social, political and economic conditions also play a role in the design, color and embellishments of clothing styles. 

Fashion can be rightly termed a double edged sword. It can have both good and bad impact on people of the society. The whole idea behind imposing uniforms in schools, colleges and factories is that fashion should not make some sections of the society look inferior to certain other sections of people. The rich can afford expensive clothes, but the poor need to be content with ordinary, cheaper clothes. This distinction will not be felt if uniforms are imposed. Clothes are designed taking into consideration the weather, economics, religion, available resources etc. It is left to our discretion as in to what extent we should let fashion influence us. We should not judge people based on the clothes they wear. What is important is the human values and the personality. Values should guide us forward, not money and fashion.

Author bio:
James Lopez is a professional writer, working in an online essay writing service. She always suggests Ethics research writing service and also elucidates the student’s doubts at any time.
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