Saturday, November 9, 2013

Certainly Red + Bold Gold - Double Review!

Hey lovelies! Today I have two bold products to share with you! A red lipstick and a gold eyeshadow!

I purchased both of these at Walmart for my [Halloween pirate costume]. I don't remember the prices (and the websites aren't showing prices), but they had to be very cheap. We ended up spending nearly $300 for my party, so budgeting was a big necessity!

Before we begin, I do want to touch real quick on a little subject. I'm using watermarks now, as you can see. With my blog growing larger, I think it's a good idea. Not so much that I'm worried about stealth but I feel like it's a good move and shows that I'm proud of my blog and have high hopes that it will continue to grow! :)

But, anyways, what I really wanted to say was I discovered a great and easy way to add watermarks that I am super excited about, and I just had to share with you! 
Check out Will Paint Nails for Food's post [here] for a great tip to save trouble with watermarks!!

Alrighty then!

I'll start off with the lipstick.
This is my very first red lipstick! Crazy, I know! 

I've gotta say, I love this packaging! It's probably the fanciest looking product I own. haha 
Which might be sad to admit, but we all start somewhere, right?

The gold is just so elegant and lovely and classic. I love it!

As you can see, I had a bit of an oops with my lipstick before I could get photos.
Somehow it got smushed to the top of the lid when I put it in, bah.

I tried to smooth it out, but there's only so much I could do. Hopefully as I use it, it will become more normal looking again. haha

I don't quite know how to describe the color, but you can see for yourself. It's a red red. It worked great with my costume, but I think maybe a darker shade would work better? I'm not sure. 

I guess I'll just have to experiment and find out, but for my first red, I'm fairly satisfied.

As far as the quality of the lipstick, it's not really the best. It does the job, but can definitely be improved. I find application difficult. I mostly have to use a lip brush which I find immensely tedious, and even with the lip brush, it's hard not to get everywhere.

Which leads me to my biggest issue...dear goodness gracious this lipstick is messy! 
(Seriously, let's just say - this is not, I repeat not, a date night lipstick! haha)
((Then again, it does make for some amusing laughs when you leave a very Hollywood-esque kissy mark on your date's cheek. heheh))

That being said, I don't use primers, or liners, or anything like that. I don't own any (of any sort, I really need to!) so I can't say if they would help or not. But just the lipstick on its own is a mess.

I did like this polish best when I put a clear gloss over it. Guess I just love me some shiny things. haha

Stay tuned for photos in-wear at the bottom!

Now for the eyeshadow!

Oh my, oh my, I am loving this eyeshadow!!

I do find it really weird that the top of the package is the bottom of the product. 
Thank goodness it doesn't spill or I'd have lost it all the first time I opened it!

I'll admit that I originally picked out a much more yellow toned gold. However, when I got to the register, the package had been opened, so the cashier sent me to get another one. That had been the last one, so I picked up the other gold instead.

I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on! Holy cow this thing is pigmented and vibrant! A perfect gold in my opinion! 

The quality and texture of the shadow is different than the powders that I'm used to, and I love it. I want more!! It stays really well! The only real downside to that is that it isn't easy to blend like normal eyeshadows. 

But it turned out beautifully, so I'm really not worried about it myself. It definitely has staying power! When I went to take it off, it was slightly more difficult than normal to wipe off. I don't use any heavy duty makeup remover though, just some cheap stuff from Walmart. 

Anyways, yeah, I am in love with this eyeshadow. Great quality, great color, great texture, great appearance, greatly satisfied customer! haha 

Alright, now to the pictures! 

(Note: I do have some brown mixed on the edges of the eyeshadow, but all over the lid you can see the gold on its own.)

Artificial Light


Yeah, that gold is to die for! 
The lipstick will do for now, but I'm more eager than ever to try out different lipsticks.
(Next on my list is purple though. I can't explain how bad I want a purple lipstick!! haha)

Was the double review too much or do you prefer it?
Let me know! :)

I'd love to hear your stories of your very first red lipstick! 
I think it's a big moment in any beauty lover's life. haha


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me. I was not paid to review. All opinions are my own, honest views.

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